Paper planes: just for kids, or an expression of the fantasies of children.


The turning point in paper airplane becoming a respectable hobby came with a competition in Scientific American magazine. The first Inter-national Airplane Competition was announced on December 12, 1966.The inspiration being the new Lockheed-Boeing supersonic aircraft design-the Concorde. The response was huge and, there were more talented paper plane modelers around than most people thought possible.


The paper plane is not a school time or aeronautical innovation. Leonardo da Vinci, one of the first in a long line of aircraft inventors, experimented with planes made of parchment paper. Paper has always been excellent material to “fly as a bird”. More pleasing is the plane folded from plain paper.


Paper planes are not dangerous & require nothing more than ingenuity, patience & perseverance. Paper planes can fly indoors or out, in any condition. Folding paper planes may seem simple. Be certain that prototypes will end up landing in wastepaper basket.


No special tools are needed: just two hands, patience, and the basic instructions …….

….and paper!